Mimesis is a specific traditional-style Japanese Tea House. The word "Mimesis" translated from Japanese, means imitation or reproduction, as in order to represent someone who looks others. The branding is all based on Japanese culture. I used calligraphy as font for logo to achieve feeling of authentic Japanese. I choose black and white and leaf green as main colors schemes, when people see the logo, which naturally think about nature and tea. From Mimesis' packaging, the pattern is detailed, it looks like nothing but it is something in there, such as little pumpkin, pepper. For the unique packaging, I chose the shape of the pyramid for tea bag with unique user experience that can attract more people to taste different flavor of tea. Even if they forget what Mimesis is about, they would remember this specific shape of its product. This project includes new logo, packaging, manual book, and identity website.

Art Direction: Scott Laserow


Identity Logo

Identity Packaging

identity manual book

Identity Website